YSL soft and sticky cloud bag (Multicolor)


size: 25 *17cm

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This year’s most valuable bag is YSL soft and sticky cloud bag. Yang Mi’s YSL soft and sticky cloud bag | louloulou bag evaluation. I bought my gold chain. First of all, it is made of lambskin, so it is not wear-resistant. You should be careful to use it. It will wear the face, but it feels very, very good. It can be used as a pillow. It is much softer than Chanel 19. It will be amazing if you touch it. Ha ha, it is as light as cotton candy It will be heavy with worry! There is a picture of the upper body at the back, which can be carried by hand on the side back or cross back! The opening is in the shape of an envelope, so the capacity is also very large. It can hold all the things you need to take when you go out everyday! The same model of Yang Mi’s blackpin is really beautiful. Please buy it! Medium size 25 17cm