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The LV new messenger bag PASSY new chain bag has been released for the 21st year. I want to share with you the new PASSY. When it first came out, it was widely criticized as YSL’s Niki or the big logo being too tacky, but I fell in love with it at a glance! The kind that didn’t hesitate! I can sum up the reasons for this: first, I personally prefer the old style, which I think is classic. Second, this bag can be worn crosswise or one shoulder, which is very practical. Third, although this bag is chain, it has a lot of space. Fourth, I saw other sisters share that this bag is not heavy, so I went to the physical store to try it today. Sure enough, it is heavy, spacious, and the metal clasp of the LV logo has a great suction, And the metal chain was extremely beautiful, so I had a hot head and won it on the spot! 22*15cm